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Do you want to know how much energy your family is using? Being aware of your energy consumption will help you to change your behaviour. The Quby Smart Thermostat provides immediate insight into your energy use and energy costs. It keeps you in control of your energy consumption and allows you to adjust if necessary. 

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“Enable people to get grip on their energy consumption by developing products and services that are smart, easy and relevant.”

About UsWe call ourselves passionate experts

We call ourselves passionate experts. Each one of us in his or her own domain. We like to challenge and inspire each other to find the best solutions and breakthrough results. 'Enable people to get grip on their energy consumption by developing products and services that are smart, easy and relevant.' That is our mission.

At Quby we hold a variety of technical experts including: interaction designers, software developers, test engineers, project managers and IT architects. Together we work in an open and informal atmosphere, driven to find the best solutions and breakthrough results. Our succes is not only due to the quality and precision of our work; it's down to the constant innovation of our product and the way we treat our clients.

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windmill.fw“Our team consists of people from many countries: From China to Portugal and from Spain to Ethiopia. We also do business with companies all over the world. Wanting to cross borders is part of being Dutch! We are proud to be a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam. ”

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Eneco launches Toon® Open API

Following the success of the Toon® Open Hackathon earlier in March, Eneco and Quby are pleased to debut their new initiative titled “Toon® Open API” which allows third party developers to create brand...

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Quby redesigns user interface– adds smoke detection service

Quby has implemented a complete visual redesign on the user interface of its smart thermostat platform to improve user experience. A migration from an Adobe Flash Lite to a Qt framework allows for a ...

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Heat and the connected home in Utility Week

In the second of a series of connected home insights for Utility Week, Susan Furnell explains how energy services businesses can be much more profitable if they are redesigned for a connected world. S...

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Eneco starts sales of smart thermostat Toon to customers without energy contract

Eneco starts sales of smart thermostat Toon to customers without energy contract Eneco, one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands and a main partner of Quby, has sold Quby’s smart thermos...

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The Smart move is to act now – Quby featured in Utility Week

Susan Furnell, freelance consultant and smart home energy expert, is writing a series of articles for UtilityWeek, exploring the connected home and consumer engagement. In her first article, she discu...

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Hunting Elephants in Europe: how the creator of Eneco’s Smart Thermostat ‘Toon’ wins big customers

Quby, the company that built Eneco’s smart thermostat, is spreading its wings in Western Europe, and also entertaining possibilities in China and America. “It takes years to win a new customer. But wh...

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Quby first Smart Thermostat to monitor solar production

Quby has added a new and innovative feature to their Smart Thermostat. This feature provides consumers with solar panels insight in their energy production and usage. The Smart Thermostat display show...

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‘Who pays Watt’ winner of first Toon Hackathon

Between the 6th and 8th of March, Eneco & Quby organized the Toon Hackathon. Over 60 applicants were given two days to develop new applications for the Toon, the Eneco branded Smart Thermostat tha...

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Quby acquires Joulo Ltd.

Update February 2, 2015:The news about Joulo has been featured elsewhere on the Web:- University of Southampton: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/news/4612- Telegraaf (Dutch only): http://www.telegraaf.nl/d...

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Quby at EUW

This year, from the 4th until the 6th of November, Quby will be present once again at the European Utility Week. During these three days over 8000 people will visit the RAI in Amsterdam, which makes i...

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100,000 Toon smart thermostat users by end of this year

By the end of this year, 100,000 Toon thermostats will have been sold in the Netherlands. Since the introduction in 2012, the market leading smart thermostat that is developed by Quby, added new funct...

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